Eye Movement Disensitization, and reprocessing

The aim of EMDR is to release you from unhelpful ties to the past so that more helpful and adapted responses can be made in the here and now.  In other words, you will be able to remember painful events without re-experiencing them.
The sessions for EMDR are upto 2 hours long, but you will not need as many as you would for talking therapies.
It is very different from psychotherapy but it uses the same interpretative skills to identify unhelpful patterns and the possible originating source of them.
It will involve stimulating both sides of your brain through eye movements, or if you prefer, a light tapping/touch on your arms or knees.   This is done whilst you are thinking about painful events in your past.  Successful EMDR enables you to feel these events in context and firmly in the past.
It is important to note that, like psychotherapy, not everyone is suited to this way of working.  However, it can have dramatic effects for most people who undertake it. 

During your initial consultation I will assess your suitability and signpost you to other sources of help if I do not think I can offer what you are looking for.

I am a member of EMDR UK and currently working towards accredititation with EMDR-Europe Association