Psycho-dynamic therapy

My way of working

Psychodynamic therapy is an exploration of your thoughts, feelings and emotions (mind, body and soul); how you relate to yourself and others.  For example, you might criticise, fear, or even hate parts of yourself as well as other people in certain situations.  How you see the world is often rooted in how you experienced it as a child, this can be magnified when you are stressed which is when your emotions can become more problematic.  Some feelings are so buried that you may be completely unaware of them.  It is my job as your therapist to be mindful of this in the way you talk about situations, or simply how you are with me in the therapy room.

One of the aims of psychodynamic therapy is to enable you to get in touch with your deeper feelings so you can begin to act with more self-awareness, rather than rely on unhelpful ways of coping such as anxiety, depression, working too hard, or through substance misuse.  By exploring the different aspects of your personality we can begin to make better sense of your feelings and responses.  Successful therapy can begin to alter how you feel about yourself in the world around you.

Psychodynamic therapy differs from many other forms of therapy because we look at the impact your early life might have had on the development of your personality.  We can sometimes make surprising links between the past and the present which can be a very helpful way of making sense of things.

To fully benefit from the psychodynamic way of working it is essential that we commit to meeting regularly.    I will keep your appointment at the same time and the same place each week for as long as you feel you need it.